New Feature: Hide TRC Campaign Total Until The Big Reveal

Hide the Total Resource Campaign’s grand total

We’re pleased to announce the addition of another feature requested directly from our great chamber of commerce clients! When a TRC is getting near the end, campaign administrators can now choose to hide the grand total from all the salespeople.  This can help build suspense and keep volunteers focused on selling instead of laying back when the campaign goal has been reached.

Learn more about how to hide totals at the end of TRC campaign

The best part is that the salespeople can still login, manage their sales, and see their individual sales totals – so they’ll know if they have qualified for incentives and trips.  The campaign administrator can still see the grand total in the admin only area to make sure everything adds up for the big reveal at the victory celebration.

What is hidden?

The login screen helps keep the TRC campaign progress a secret
The Reports tab has the progress meter hidden
The Leaderboard has the progress meter and parts of the goal grid hidden
The Leaderboard has the campaign to date team totals and division totals hidden

Columbia, MO 2011 TRC Wraps Up With 103% of Goal

Read all about the Columbia MO TRC 2011 Results

Columbia, MO has finished up their 2011 TRC campaign in style.  With the help of EasyTRC, Emily and her crew were able to manage the 869 contracts generated by 60 salespeople of 315 different products sold to 551 people from 464 unique companies.

Total Resource Campaign co-chairs Chuck Everitt, Award Pet Supply, and Jocelyn Tipton, Bucket Media, Inc., are pleased to announce that TRC volunteers raised $493,824.15 for the Chamber – surpassing the initial campaign goal of $480,000!

For more information about the Total Resource Campaign, please contact Emily Hendren at 573-817-9115

Read all about the Columbia MO TRC 2011 Results [PDF]



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