Learn how a Total Resource Campaign can help you

What is a Total Resource Campaign?

A Total Resource Campaign is an organized effort to systematically raise funds for an organization in a relatively short period of time. All sales efforts are consolidated into a single major, volunteer-driven marketing campaign relying on personal relationships and team-based movements to reach specified goals.

A Total Resource Campaign brings in funding for your organization

Members market your events, programs, and publications directly to other members and the community at large – and get paid in the process. This goes way beyond simply helping to recruit other members by selling memberships. Chambers across the country report increased sales and awareness of Chamber events and publications by engaging in a Total Resource Campaign. Golf tournament sponsorships sell out faster. Board of advisor seats are easier to fill. Before you know it, most of the sponsorships for the entire year have been sold – and you don’t have to nag people year round to get it done! Now the Chamber can budget more effectively and the staff can concentrate on putting together spectacular events instead of racing to get a presenting sponsor a few months before the big conference.

Engaging volunteers means adding money to the bottom line

Chamber after Chamber can tell you that motivated volunteers can sell more sponsorships than the Chamber staff. There are several reasons for this.

  • Member-to-Member Sales Means a Bigger Sales Force.

    A Chamber staff usually has a few internal salespeople – and, usually in smaller chambers, some of those people are doing multiple things (not concentrating on sales). A total resource campaign enlists dozens of chamber members as salespeople.

  • Member-to-Member Sales Means More Penetration.

    The throngs of total resource campaign volunteers and salespeople are out in the community, meeting new businesses and making new connections all the time. They may already be selling advertising anyway, so now you’re enabling them to throw Chamber advertising into their mix. They may know their business associates more personally and can suggest specific sponsorships and products they’re more likely to purchase, and close the sale. They can also more effectively encourage their own organizations to sponsor events and publications.

  • Member-to-Member Sales Means More Talent.

    With so many members becoming salespeople, you’re bound to have more “rock stars” in the group.

“Management will never go for it”

Now you may say that “I don’t think we can get enough volunteers” or “that sounds like too much work” or “the boss won’t go for it” or “the staff sells sponsorships pretty well already.” That’s OK! This is where the EasyTRC system steps out of the TRC role and into total contract management. Your chamber can still use EasyTRC to manage all the sponsorship opportunities and contracts that occur in every Chamber of Commerce.

EasyTRC is Total Contract Management – even without running a Total Resource Campaign

Even if your Chamber of Commerce does not run a total resource campaign, your organization probably still sells sponsorships and ads. Do you host a golf tournament? All these ads, sponsorships, and memberships require contracts….. Hundreds of contracts. Let us help get that under control.

• Are you buried in a pile of faxes?
• Tired of manually keeping track of sales in an Excel spreadsheet?
• Had an intern build something in Access that kinda helps but doesn’t do everything you hoped?
• Tired of trying to keep track of emails to check on the status of a contract?
• Want something to help manage all that?

EasyTRC is total contract management. Give us 20 minutes for a demo and we’ll show how you’ll save hours of time, decrease paperwork, and increase contract organization.

Learn From Others Running Total Resource Campaigns

Don’t take our word for it. Talk to any of dozens of Chambers of Commerce that have run or are running total resource campaigns. The Chambers in Columbia, MO or St. Joseph, MO or Waco, TX have helped many others in the past. Need more names? Check out this map.