v2.6 is Now Live

You may have noticed some improvements to the system lately. We just wanted to detail them here. We hope this helps and thank you for using EasyTRC!

One of the most important things is a naming standardization across the site which is most obvious on the “My Sales” tab.


  • Sale Credit counts towards Team Goal and counts on the Leaderboard;
  • Incentive Credit counts towards Incentive Awards;
  • Contract Total counts towards campaign total and specific campaign goals. This is the amount shown to the buyer and is used on the contract.

v2.6 Improvements

  1. A campaign summary is now directly on the login page. Page features a much bigger campaign graphic too; you worked hard on that logo – now EasyTRC shows it off. Example: http://demo.easytrc.com/login
  2. The “My Sales” tab now has a box on the top that lets you view the “My Sales” tab of sales and incentive level progress of other people. If you login as an admin, you can see anyone’s info. If you login as a team leader, you can view all the members of your team. [User Requested Improvement]
  3. New Reports – these are available on the Reports tab and in the Reporting section on the admin side.  Salespeople are now able see some of these reports directly in the Reports tab. [User Requested Improvement]
  4. More contract details included on the status update emails including the product being purchased, the authorized buyer’s contact info, the buyer’s company name, and more. [User Requested Improvement]
  5. Search screen simplified. There used to be 2 search boxes – one for text and one for product number. We noticed people were putting text in the product number search and crashing it. Nobody was searching by product number anyhoo, so we removed the boxed. [User Requested Improvement]
  6. Leaderboard team summary totals were misreporting sales [Bug Fix]

Previous improvements we didn’t announce:

v2.5.19 Improvements

  1. Major optimization of the Pending Payments section of the admin.  [Performance Improvement]
  2. Clicking on some table column titles to sort by that column was sometimes crashing. [Bug Fix]


  1. New report that shows the history of incentive payments already made.  This is also displayed at the bottom of the pending payments section now. [User Requested Feature Addition]


  1. My sales now helps with important TRC terminology and concepts. [User Requested Improvement]
  2. My sales now includes additional sales and incentive totals to make it easier to understand a salesperson’s progress at a glance. [User Requested Improvement]
  3. The campaign leaderboard has received numerous updates to make it consistent and easier to understand. [User Requested Improvement]
  4. There are numerous improvements to the contract editing tools available to campaign administrators, which make important Total Resource Campaign concepts easier to understand and automatically assign appropriate amounts of sales and incentive credit in common cases. [User Requested Improvement]
  5. Contracts can be viewed online by the buyer without having to login. However, they were able to see all the contract status messages and sales split information. They don’t need to see that info, so we hid it. In other words, The contract display intended for unauthenticated use by people purchasing products from the system has been streamlined so that it doesn’t include information relevant only to chamber staff and campaign volunteers. [User Requested Improvement]
  6. A new report has been added that makes it easy to find contracts where the total amount on the contract is not equal to the amount of sales credit assigned to salespeople. [Admin Improvement]

About EasyTRC

EasyTRC is a Total Resource Campaign management system

EasyTRC is a Total Resource Campaign contract manager that allows your Chamber of Commerce to handle the flood of contracts that go with memberships and sponsorships of events and publications.

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