v2.8 Released

A number of updates and improvements were made with this release.
Thanks to suggestions from our newest users! Keep em coming!

The highlights of this release are:

  1. Implemented full text searching.  This allows people to search with keywords that don’t appear consecutively in product names and get the expected results. Example: “women banquet” will find “Women’s Network Annual Banquet”
  2. Allow adjustments of contract date sold from the contract status screen in the admin.
  3. Show contract status history on status update screen in admin.
  4. Allow users to opt-out of email notifications when setting contract statuses on multiple contracts in the admin.
  5. Numerous minor fixes and improvements to the administrator side, driven by the recent work on the instance for our latest client.

About EasyTRC

EasyTRC is a Total Resource Campaign management system

EasyTRC is a Total Resource Campaign contract manager that allows your Chamber of Commerce to handle the flood of contracts that go with memberships and sponsorships of events and publications.

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