Map of Chambers Running Total Resource Campaigns Updated

The more we talk to Chamber people, the more we see a cooperative spirit almost unparalleled in other industries.  Everyone wants everyone to succeed – ESPECIALLY when it comes to Total Resource Campaigns. EasyTRC loves to help connect people to share those ideas – especially the ones that help generate revenue to help chambers succeed!

EasyTRC has updated the map of Chambers and Associations that have run a Total Resource Campaign

Did we miss any chambers of commerce or professional associations that are running or have historically run a total resource campaign? Let us know

We’d also be happy to make an introduction to someone running a total resource campaign if you’re just starting out or are 10 years in and need some fresh ideas. We have found that many ideas resonate with multiple chambers. Basing TRC themes on popular board games, movies, TV shows makes them easy to relate to. So what if you are going to use the same idea that someone 5 states away used? Not everything has to be truly unique; But we are sure that each chamber always puts their unique touches on everything they do.

Some of these chambers have met with failure, but a majority have seen success – some massively so. Let’s get you talking and see where things go. Do you think it would be a good idea to have a TRC summit? We could do it via GotoMeeting or something and spend an afternoon just sharing ideas. Let us know your thoughts.