We’ve shared what we know but this list may not be fully accurate. We would appreciate additional insights in order to provide a fair feature comparison between different total resource campaign software packages – especially comparisons between EasyTRC and YGM.

The different Chamber “Membership Systems” included in the software comparison are Weblink, ChamberMaster, and SBA.

You may be familiar with Fremont Development Group who worked to pioneer the Total Resource Campaign idea many years ago. EasyTRC bought out Fremont’s customer base back in January 2011.

There is also a full list of total resource campaign system features listed on the EasyTRC features page.

YGM versus EasyTRC: What are the Differences?

Great question. Receiving a demo is usually the best way to figure out which solution is the best total resource campaign management system for your chamber’s specific needs.

 EasyTRCYGMMembership SystemCustom/Excel

ChamberMaster Integration


Track Trade Contracts

Manually Entered

Track Cash Sales

Manually Entered

Previous Campaign Awareness

Just Last Campaign

Facebook Integration


Campaign Leaderboard


Purchase / Sale History

Just Last Campaign Manually Entered

2-Click Contract Renewal


Sales Stats

Kinda via invoicing?Manually Entered

Product Benefits List

Word Doc 

Product Obligations List

Campaign manual  

Sales Credit Splitting


Incentive Goal Tracking

  Manually Entered

Incentive Payment Tracking


Goal Tracking by Product

Maybe? Manual formulas

Team Sales Standings

Manually Entered

Volunteer Sales Standings

Manually Entered

Pending Sales Tracking

  Manually Entered

Events Calendar


Announcements Feed


Individual Logins for Salespeople

No team leaders?  

Paperless Contracts


Unlimited Phone Support


Unlimited Email Support


Mobile Support

? Maybe

Buyer Email Controls


Annual Campaign Rolling

??Manually Entered

Sponsorship Support

Word Docvia invoicingManually Entered

100% "Cloud" Based

?MostOffice365 or Google Docs only?

Instant Contract Updating


Again, this is not a complete list and we look forward to getting more feedback from you. TRC system features are important. Price is also important in choosing the best total resource campaign software.

Need help migrating from YGM to EasyTRC?

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