Tiered Membership Pricing as Part of a TRC, Kyle Sexton Workshop

REMEMBERSHIP - New Strategies for Remarkable Membership Organizations
REMEMBERSHIP – New Strategies for Remarkable Membership Organizations

Kyle Sexton has literally written the book on chamber memberships and tiered membership pricing models. Recently he emailed out that he was coming up with a new series to help chambers with more of their members’ needs. Check out his upcoming seminar. And if your chamber hasn’t done it yet, perhaps tiered pricing would be a great addition to your Total Resource Campaign.

Kyle wrote….

I’ve asked hundreds of businesses what keeps them up at night. And if you’ve never done this with your members, the answers might not be what you think.

This year, I’m introducing a series of next-level topics for chambers who are familiar with my book Remembership – New Strategies for Remarkable Membership Organizations (eBook). I’ve been studying the highest performers in the Chamber industry, and I’m sharing this valuable insight in these workshops.

Here’s your invitation to Solving Common Business Problems on Thursday, March 15th.

In this workshop, we’re going to discuss:

  1. The Dozen Daily Dilemmas faced by your members
  2. How to organize these pain points for different businesses
  3. How and where to keep the conversation going about business challenges and opportunities

So I hope you’ll join me on Thursday, March 15th. Here’s to a great 2018, and I’ll see you on the 18th!

All the Best,

Kyle Sexton
ChamberThink Strategies

Map of Chambers Running Total Resource Campaigns Updated

The more we talk to Chamber people, the more we see a cooperative spirit almost unparalleled in other industries.  Everyone wants everyone to succeed – ESPECIALLY when it comes to Total Resource Campaigns. EasyTRC loves to help connect people to share those ideas – especially the ones that help generate revenue to help chambers succeed!

EasyTRC has updated the map of Chambers and Associations that have run a Total Resource Campaign

Did we miss any chambers of commerce or professional associations that are running or have historically run a total resource campaign? Let us know

We’d also be happy to make an introduction to someone running a total resource campaign if you’re just starting out or are 10 years in and need some fresh ideas. We have found that many ideas resonate with multiple chambers. Basing TRC themes on popular board games, movies, TV shows makes them easy to relate to. So what if you are going to use the same idea that someone 5 states away used? Not everything has to be truly unique; But we are sure that each chamber always puts their unique touches on everything they do.

Some of these chambers have met with failure, but a majority have seen success – some massively so. Let’s get you talking and see where things go. Do you think it would be a good idea to have a TRC summit? We could do it via GotoMeeting or something and spend an afternoon just sharing ideas. Let us know your thoughts.

EasyTRC v2.10 goes live – new features abound

Hi everyone! We’re excited to announce that we’ve updated EasyTRC to v2.10 with some exciting new features that many of you have requested in the past year.

We’ve added several new features to help with prospecting including business classifications, a Do Not Call list, and a company search feature.

We’ve added a new report, tied everything to Facebook, and even let you change what you call your users – salespeople, volunteers, salesketeers, whatever you want!

We’re also happy to schedule a quick demo to show off the new features to you and your staff.

Give us a call and enjoy!

New Features in EasyTRC v2.10

  1. Login using Facebook. No more separate user/password to remember.
  2. Facebook profile pictures now appear on the leaderboard and everywhere you see a salesperson’s name
  3. Company Search can now be found on the SELL tab, right next to Product Search and the Sell Renewals tabs

    Prospecting: Search for companies just like you can search for available sponsorships

  4. Added field for company phone number; previously only had phone numbers for people.
  5. Do Not Call list feature added. Companies can now be marked as “do not call” and you can include a note as to why that is the case.
  6. New Report: Available Products – shows list of sold, pending, and available products and sponsorships.  Listed by event, publication, etc so now you can see who bought the golf tournament presenting sponsorship, who bought each table at the winter formal party, or how many sponsorship levels are still not sold for the annual dinner meeting.
  7. Can now record number of full time and part time employees for each company
  8. Added Business Classifications; assign however many classifications you want to each company
  9. Added field for company location  phone number
  10. Buyer’s email address was added to the contract
  11. People can now be set inactive
  12. Several report filtering options added and tweaked (user requests)
  13. Administrators can now send emails to individuals, teams, or all people on the campaign directly from within the system
  14. Change terminology used to describe salespeople to anything you want. Call them volunteers, sales monkeys, volunteer salespeople, cowboys, Chamberketeers, etc.

 Also, a full salesperson training video has been posted to YouTube.

It is about 26 minutes long. Please call us to get the link.

Did you miss the update about Easy TRC v2.9?

Screenshot of the company summary page showing the new features
New company data points are available


New Report – Available and Sold Sponsorships brings clarity to event specific available Sponsorships
We’ve connected EasyTRC to Facebook

Delta Enters Strategic Alliance with Fremont Development Group, Upgrades Clients to EasyTRC

Click to learn more about EasyTRC at EasyTRC.com

Delta Systems and Fremont Development Group are very pleased to announce the formation of a strategic alliance. The alliance will allow Fremont to upgrade all their existing customers to use the EasyTRC system. Delta and Fremont also intend to co-market EasyTRC to every organization that has ever used Fremont to implement a Total Resource Campaign.

EasyTRC is a service of Delta Systems Group.

Fremont has been a pioneer in defining the TRC structures necessary to ensure successful fund raising campaigns. They continue to champion the Total Resource Campaign concept. They have been the industry leader in educating chambers of commerce and other organizations about the benefits of using a Total Resource Campaign to increase sales, raise awareness, and expand member involvement in Chambers of Commerce throughout the United States. This alliance will bring out the strengths of both companies – on-site, expert consulting and a powerful, web-based contract management and communication system (EasyTRC).

Read more about EasyTRC.

About Fremont Development Group

Since 1994, Fremont Development Group has used its proven methodologies and innovative strategies to help raise funds, increase charitable giving, and clarify vision for Chambers of Commerce, non-profits, and economic development organizations.

We help non-profits accomplish their mission by generating the revenue needed to become self-sustaining organizations. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, Fremont Development Group serves clients across the United States.

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